Pascha Classic 100% Pure Cashmere Scarf - Natural Cream

Pascha Classic 100% Pure Cashmere Scarf - Natural Cream

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Style Notes

Cashmere, when combed from the moulting goats is usually sombre grey or flat off-white in colour. This scarf is woven from un-dyed off-white coloured yarn, and offers a subtle, understated accessory. Wear this scarf to imbue your look with a hint of earthy, natural elegance.

Construction Details

Made in Nepal with the finest quality cashmere yarn sourced from Inner Mongolia, our cashmere scarves feature a delicate diamond weave pattern. Spun from fibres that are roughly 15 microns in thickness, the yarn lends itself to a relatively loose weave, resulting in a light, airy and luxurious feel. Our artisans weave these scarves using traditional looming techniques, paying great attention to every element of detail. 

Our logo, subtly hand-embroidered using the finest quality Indian silk, represents the marigold flower - an ode to the beauty and warmth of the rising sun.

Product Details

200 x 70 cm, 110 grams, diamond weave, hand-spun yarn sourced from Inner Mongolia. Made in Nepal.

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