The RaW


The myriad misconceptions about pashmina prevalent in the market could easily have scared us off from venturing into that world. Perversely, it was actually a point of attraction for us, as it presented an opportunity to set the record straight. Thus began a cautious search for a producer of finest quality pashmina. Our quest was not immediately fruitful, but we persisted. A completely off-hand conversation resulted in an introduction to, and subsequent partnership with, a house that has been producing finest quality pashmina for generations in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, India. 


Finding a supplier of top-quality cashmere in today's market conditions is quite a challenge. There has been a rapid commoditisation of cashmere in the last few years which has resulted in lower prices and, unsurprisingly, lower quality. Fortunately for us, we were introduced by a well-wisher to one of Nepal's top producers of fine cashmere. Our collaboration with our Nepalese partner is a constant source of joy and inspiration. Their dedication to quality, provenance, and finesse helps us produce top quality products that reflect our aesthetic and passion. 


Our upcoming line of linen scarves is hand-crafted in The Baltics. Again, our pursuit of provenance, quality and method led us to our suppliers who are extremely knowledgeable and happily for us, as fastidious about excellence. Our suppliers use traditional methods such as water-retting, hand scutching, and manual heckling to produce some of the finest linen fibres in the world. The low environmental impact of these techniques, the homage to tradition, and the outstanding look and feel of the yarn have made the process of selecting our linen supplier a most rewarding experience.